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The aim of the CODESRIA Bulletin (ISSN 0850-8712) is to stimulate discussion, exchange information and encourage research cooperation among African researchers. Contributions on theoretical matters, reports on conferences and seminars are welcome. It is distributed free of charge to all social science research institutes and faculties in Africa. Interested individuals and institutions can also subscribe.

With a print run of over 5000 in circulation in Arabic, English and French, the CODESRIA quarterly Bulletin is the most widely read publication in the Council’s titles. It contains articles and debates that have grown in popularity and relevance over the years and which have been widely reproduced in numerous other publications in Africa and elsewhere.

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No. 6 (2021): CODESRIA Bulletin, No 6, 2021

Over the last three decades or so, a number of scholars op- erating under the auspices of CODESRIA, and later UNRISD, have dedicated their energies and time to rescuing social policy in Af- rica from external policy manipula- tion and intellectual assault. The as- sault manifested itself in the form of reductionist neoliberal approaches that questioned the role of state in de- velopment generally and the idea and practice of social policy in particular. The external assault reduced the dis- course on development privileging market forces as the key to allocation of public goods. In this scenario, the broad meaning and context of social policy in a developmet context was emptied and reduced to a mere ‘social protection’ function. Read the Full Editorial 

Published: 2021-12-18
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