Early this year, Africa was embroiled in a debate about the description of the continent as ‘shithole.’ Around the same period, thousands of African ‘dreamers’ faced deportation and criminalisation in Israel, following government’s decision to ask them to accept 3500USD and relocate to a third country, return to their home countries or face the threat of incarceration. This law was later suspended in April after protests, an international outcry and legal recourse in Israel. As this happened, in April, a scandal over the citizenship status of mainly Caribbean peoples broke in the UK that mimics similar developments in the US and Israel. This followed a change in immigration law in 2012 that framed the presence of the ‘windrush’ generation as illegal forcing them either to regularise their stay or be deported. Read the Full Editorial

Published: January 15, 2019

CODESRIA Bulletin, No 2, 2018

January 15, 2019
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