Call for Papers for Special Issue on COVID-19 and Its Effects and Implications to African Economies

January 6, 2022

It is a well-established notion that promotion of regional development; always resulted into higher degree of socio-economic development; is a sin-quo-non for every country or region irrespective of developed, developing and least developing economies. The African economies are no exception to this notion. There is a greater room for accelerating the pace of growth and development in African economies.

This concept is valid and more relevant for ongoing economic and social development [two faces of the same coin] of African economies. The present crisis of COVID-19 may have far reaching and direct bearing effect, impact and implications to African economies, especially those economies which are facing disastrous crisis of COVID-19 in the African region. Naturally the movement of goods and services are being drastically affected, resulting into unbearable effect on African economies.