6 - Essai d’explication des fondements de la marginalisation économique du Gadiaga (XXe–XXIe siècles)

by Abdou Karim Tandjigora


economic marginalization, political engagement,, representation, post-colonial state,, emigration


This article is a diagnosis of the socioeconomic development of the Gadiaga during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Colonial powers and postcolonial elites held very little appeal for this region, a condition that, up to now, has been associated with its current backwardness. Its exclusion from the global Senegalese economy at all times is, it is true, of a structural nature – in relation to the absence of public investments worthy of recognition as sustainable economic solutions – as we were able to demonstrate in one of our earlier works (Tandjigora 2015:29). However, this article attempts to go beyond this explanation by bringing in new clarifications. These consist in highlighting the endogenous factors of marginalization, in relation to the alienation of the populations of Gadiaga from the political sphere, the very one that enables regions to obtain elected officials or other forms of political representation capable of attracting investment and government consideration to their locality.

Abdou Karim Tandjigora, Enseignant-chercheur en histoire économique et sociale, Département d’Histoire, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. Email : aktandjigora@gmail.com