4 - De l’appropriation ou non de l’émergence dans les films camerounais (1962-2010) : essai d’analyse historique

by Tsogo Momo Marie Nadege


cinema, emergence, filmmakers, Cameroon, political slogans, public authorities


In the aftermath of independence Cameroonians immediately seized on cinema to present and represent their society in their own way. This contribution examines the appropriation and visualization of emergence in Cameroonian films. It shows how Cameroonian filmmakers of various generations have or failed to visualize emergence and political slogans in their works. The first part of the paper outlines a historical analysis of the context and discusses the way in which filmmakers have appropriated and used political slogans to depict emergence in their works. The second part demonstrates the negation of emergence in Cameroonian films in the 2000 and 2010 decades.

Tsogo Momo Marie Nadege, Doctorante, Département d’Histoire, Université Yaoundé I. Email : tsogomomo@gmail.com