8 - Déterritorialisation et communautés imaginées : analyse anthropo-philosophique des mouvements et des réseaux sociaux des jeunes dans l’Afrique post-coloniale à la lumière de la pensée d’Arjun Appadurai

by Serge Bernard Emmanuel Aliana


imagined community, deterritorialization, youth movements and social networks, Appadurai, postcolonial Africa


This contribution focuses on the concepts of deterritorialization and imagined community to (re) think the dynamics of movements and social networks in the age of globalization. Taking theoretical framework for the thought of Arjun Appadurai, it intends to make intelligible the processes through which young Africans (re) define and (re) configure their identities to create connections and connections on miniaturized and highly specialized interests. We postulate that in the construction of these forms of new and often deterritorialised sociality, imagination plays a leading role. With her, it’s the idea of invention prevails in a context where the media occupy the front of scene and which does not only diffuses, but modulate and inflect cultural processes. By backing us to the imagined community as an essential element in the construction of postcolonial nation-state, we show that imagination is essential to identify the ontological contours of the postcolonial world heuristic tool and hermeneutics. To the extent that it involves exile anthropological and deterritorialization of the subject, the imagination brings to formulate the following questions : how by imaginative practices, youth neo-movements and social networks in Africa organize their socio-political and cultural order/ disorder ?Specifically, it is about questioning dissident and insidious forms that takes creativity dispersed bricolous tactics of individual deterritorialized groups who want to project, often within imagined communities in a utopia beyond any institutional arrangement territorializing or any dominant historical bloc.

Serge Bernard Emmanuel Aliana, (1975–2016), chercheur et enseignant/ assistant, Département de Philosophie École Normale Supérieure de Yaoundé (ENS), Cameroun.