1 - La révolution verte au Rwanda : au-delà de la dichotomie domination et émancipation

by Aymar Nyenyezi Bisoka


resistance, green revolution, Judith Butler, performative subversion, Rwanda


This article addresses the issue of resistance to dominant agricultural policies that were developed in Africa within the framework of the new Green Revolution, and promoted since the early 2000s. The article presents the results of a case study on Rwanda, a country considered in Africa as the success story of this Green Revolution. It studies the manifestations of resistance to the prescriptions of this agricultural policy. The article shows numerous and increasingly documented acts of resistance in the literature on post-genocide rural development in Rwanda. However, it also shows a limit: the literature is more about the domination-emancipation or the power-resistance dichotomy as compared to the norm. However, this dichotomous vision between power and resistance ignores how, in the very performance of the norm, the life of bodies – subjects of the norm – have an organization that allows the subversion of the norm. Finally, the Rwanda case study will show that, in full conformity, resistance – conscious or unconscious – to the norm, is possible thanks to the life power of bodies over the norms that subjugate them.

Aymar Nyenyezi Bisoka, Assistant professor, Université de Mons, Belgique. Email: aymar.nyenyezi@gmail.com; aymar.nyenyezibisoka@umons.ac.be