9 - Vivre sa passion et gagner sa vie : jeunes artistes du sud-ouest de Madagascar à la recherche de notoriété dans la capitale malgache

by Elisé Asinome


Young artists, social networks, new technologies, music career, showbiz, Toliara, Antananarivo


Our contribution aims to analyze the development of young artists from the southwest part of Madagascar. Holders of certain reputations in their areas of origin, many young tuléarois landed in Antananarivo in a socio-artistic purpose : to live his passion and livelihood. A destination of consecration for some and an important step leading to the acquisition of the reputation nationally for others, Antananarivo promises to aspiring artists a boon to their life projects : a career in tropical music. The phenomenon of rush towards the musical career in the Malagasy capital raises several interrogations to which we will try to provide explanations.

Elisé Asinome, Université d’Antananarivo, Madagascar. Email : asinome@hotmail.com