11 - Économie hévéicole et engagement politique des jeunes producteurs à Bettié en Côte d’Ivoire

by Noël Kouassi


Rubber, young people, local policy, governance, rural medium, Ivory Coast


Our research tries a comprehension of young people in the local governance of Bettié department in the East of the Ivory Coast.It is based on political moments, marked by disputes of the usual heads authority and the question of social prestige of the executives and elites urban by rural young people. By positioning us on the side of the rural young people, we seek to include/understand how they cross the social barriers and policies which structure their positions in political spaces observed.Off-centering that we place in the heart of our reflexion, commits us to suspend the judgment by refusing the bringing together between current youth and that of the former decades. Description of interactions situations, it emerges from intermediate political spaces, made more or less ordinary, although being out of family space or the ordinary political practices.To decentre the glance on the rural young people, it is also to reflect starting from these not-fixed spaces of the speeches, starting from the movements which take form out of the usual executives of social and political expression.

Noël Kouassi, Anthropologue, Université Peleforo Gon Coulibaly de Korhogo, Côte d’Ivoire. Email: noel2ko@yahoo.fr